Our Team

The Leadership Team


Wayne D. Bacon

President, CEO

Greg pepe

Senior Vice President

The Engineering Team

Tim Kopera

Director of Engineering

Jackson Hobble

Sr. Biomedical Engineer

Morgan Schnee

Associate Mechanical Engineer



Dorrie McClain

Office Operations and Compliance Manager


The Research Team


Director of Research

Tripti thapa gupta, PhD

Senior Scientist

Bernadette Zumpano

Associate Biomedical Engineer


Quality and Regulatory

Emily Herberger

Quality Manager



David J. Altman, MD & PhD


Mark Ehrensberger, PhD


Violet I. Haraszthy, DDS & PhD


William Joyce


Steve Lakomy, MD.


Norm Murray

Brian Peterson, Founder


Matthew Phillips, MD.


Thomas P. Quinn


Andy Stoeckl, MD.

Paul Tornetta III, MD.

Harold Zimmermann