About Garwood Medical Devices, LLC

In 2008, Gregg Gellman had a vision that led to the creation of a new generation of programmable, monitored infection control devices. Working alongside leading Western New York orthopaedic and neurosurgeons, Mr. Gellman observed numerous orthopaedic and spinal surgeries. He noted that patients with certain risk profiles had difficulty with wound healing and bone regeneration. While many suffered for years with chronic wounds, others with certain co-morbidities had post-operative acute infections that were difficult to treat effectively.

Over the next few years, Mr. Gellman fabricated and prototyped various novel wound care devices, with the goal of advancing infection control, aspiring to provide more positive clinical outcomes for patients suffering from wounds and various infections resulting from post-operative complications.

In 2013, Mr. Gellman was introduced to Wayne Bacon, a Western New York businessman who has successfully led technology-driven companies. Through their conversations on infections and wound care, Mr. Bacon gained an understanding and true appreciation of the intrinsic health care need that Mr. Gellman’s technologies addressed. Mr. Bacon shared Mr. Gellman’s vision and in 2014 they formed Garwood Medical Devices LLC.


Mr. Bacon, President and Chief Executive Officer of Garwood Medical, co-filed three patents with Mr. Gellman, and successfully negotiated three exclusive licenses covering University at Buffalo technologies that are crucial to Garwood Medical Device’s core mission. The licensing agreements with the University of Buffalo initiated a close strategic partnership between Garwood Medical and the University of Buffalo.

This strategic partnership with the University of Buffalo provides Garwood Medical with a state of the art research and development site and a robust university engineering team. This public-private partnership will drive Garwood’s and UB’s technologies through development, by performing important aspects of research and modeling focusing on validations and characterizations of the applications and imbedded technologies.

Garwood Medical Devices was successful in being accepted into StartUp NY in 2016, which provides NYS sales and income tax-free status to the company and investors for 10 years, and income-tax-free status for employees for the same period.

Garwood Medical is an advanced medical device company whose products will positively enhance clinical outcomes related to infection and wound healing. Through advanced technology and novel designs, Garwood Medical is committed to disrupt the wound care and perio-prosthetic market by advancing infection control through innovation.