EnerAid® Wound Care Device

EnerAid® Wound Care Device:  is an active wound care bandage that houses a battery and wound care microcontroller. A bandage layer is provided and it defines a pad recess in which a pad is disposed. The pad has channels to allow for airflow. The wound care bandage at least first and second snap button electrodes, but there may be more snap button electrodes in other preferred embodiments. There are also electrically conductive adhesive strips with one being in contact with each of the first and second snap button electrodes. When current is controllably supplied to the first and second snap button electrodes a plurality of electric current flow paths are generated and that extend across the wound and stimulate the healing of the wound. The wound care bandage can be monitored and controlled wirelessly.

Wound Care
Over $11 billion is spent annually to treat patients who suffer from chronic wounds and infections domestically. Over 8% of the US population is diabetic and are prone to chronic wounds, infections, and ulcers, and take far longer to heal than healthy patients.

Garwood’s technologies and devices have the potential to reduce patient morbidity and mortality while saving many billions of dollars per year worldwide.