Samantha Bonano

Samantha Bonano stepped down from her role as Strategic Advisor to the CEO of ConMed Corporation (NYSE:CNMD) in 2020. Prior to joining ConMed in 2019, Ms. Bonano was President and CEO of Buffalo Filter, a leader in surgical safety devices. Under her leadership, Buffalo Filter grew from $14 million to a $365 million enterprise value, selling first to private equity (24x) in 2013 and again to ConMed (NYSE:CNMD) in 2018 (34x). During her time as CEO of Buffalo Filter, Ms. Bonano also served as President, Medical Devices of Madison Industries and President of AG Industries (Filtration Group). From 2005 to her becoming President of Buffalo Filter in 2011, Ms. Bonano held progressive leadership roles at Buffalo Filter, including Director of International Sales, Strategic Planning Director, Vice President of Strategic Development, and Chief Operating Officer. From 2001-2005, Ms. Bonano was the CEO of Cynergy Products, a pharmaceutical skin care company, formulating and selling prescription skin care products to the plastic surgery and dermatology markets. Ms. Bonano currently serves on The University at Buffalo Foundation Board, the Dermarite (Tailwind Capital) Board, the Palliare Board and the Touchpoint, Inc Board. Ms. Bonano holds a BA in Business Administration from the University at Buffalo and a Certificate of Management Excellence (CME) from The Harvard Business School.